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  1. Ken played tirelessly in our pub (Nurseryman in Beeston, Notts) on Christmas eve and New Year’s eve. You could tell he was really enjoying himself and so were all the people there! On both occasions Ken was asked to carry on playing whenever he even hinted at turning the system off.

    He played some really modern hits, with music videos and light effects included; which made quite a small room seem like an arena and also pleased those requesting some classics.

    DJ Ken is multi-talented and has a genuine enthusiasm- we’ve already re-booked him for our Staff Party later on this year!

  2. Thank you. Very glad it went down well and your guests appreciated it. I certainly enjoyed the night.

  3. “Hi, I would like to say you made our wedding night very special. Many of our guests loved you, and it was great. I would recommend you to anyone. You’re greast, so a big thank you from me and my wife”
    …….Kim and Eddy…..

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